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Claim for damages for breach of trademark assignment agreement

Year: 2013
Customer: German multinational company operating in the chemical sector
Request: after verifying that a breach of agreement regarding the assignment of its trademark had occurred, the company turned to Gregorj consultants to request assistance in a dispute concerning the claim for damages.

Outcome: the case ended with a settlement favourable to the client.

Combating trademark infringement for unrelated products / services

Year: from 2005 to present time
Customer: British multinational company operating in the consumer sector
Request: as a result of infringement of its trademark for unrelated goods and services, the company requested Gregorj office for training and assistance at the national customs offices in order to help the competent authorities in the seizure of counterfeit goods.

Outcome: the case is still pending against the counterfeiters; however, it has already recorded a partial judgment in favour of the client in full.

Withdrawal of false promotion over the Internet

Year: 2013
Customer: multinational leading chocolate manufacturer
Request: due to a false promotion going on over the Internet, the company asked Gregorj consultants to act to suspend this activity as soon as possible.

Outcome: just two days after the launch of the promotion, the activity detrimental to the client's business was interrupted.

Assistance in cases of phishing (over the Internet)

Year: 2012
Customer: worldwide soft drinks leading company
Request: detected a phishing operation, i.e. a scam designed to collect users' sensitive personal information by taking advantage of the brand's reputation, the client turned to Gregorj to ask for the immediate suspension of the activity.

Outcome: the website was shut down after only 4 hours from notification.

Assistance for patent infringement

Year: from 2011 to 2013
Customer: German multinational company operating in the chemical sector
Request: the company asked Gregorj consultants to handle its disputes relating to the infringement of certain patents it owned.

Outcome: all disputes ended with a conviction for counterfeiting of the counterpart.

Assistance with ambush marketing and anti counterfeiting

Year: 2006-2010-2014
Customer: organizer of the world's most famous sporting event.
Request:in the presence of an ambush marketing operation, where the event was exploited by a brand that was not included among the sponsors, Gregorj office took the defence of the organizer's rights.

Outcome: Gregorj consultants successfully obtained the immediate withdrawal of the advertisement.


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