Patent monitoring

Patent monitoring

Competitor patent monitoring


Customs monitoring and competitor patent monitoring

Holders of industrial property rights can ensure effective protection deriving from patents for invention, utility models, industrial designs thanks to customs monitoring of incoming goods in reference markets. Patent monitoring at Customs allows identification of any counterfeit goods and their immediate impounding.

patent monitoring

The service can be activated with the help of our consultants who will submit an appropriate application to the competent authorities and will assist the client in asserting their exclusive rights in the case of counterfeit goods. It is also possible to monitor competitor patenting activities there by enabling periodic examining patent publications in the name of specific holders and in sectors of interest. Learning about the technological sectors in which competitors are focusing research and responding promptly is an important requirement for companies that have made innovation the strategic leverage of their business. Finally, patent monitoring activities makes it possible to avoid unintentional third-party patent infringement, particularly in very developed and crowded technological sectors. All types of monitoring can be activated by taking advantage of our advice, with full and timely assistance for intellectual property rights protection.