Monitoring registered trademarks

Monitoring registered trademarks

Monitoring and full protection of trademarks


24/7 monitoring for prompt action

Registration of trademarks is the first, but by no means the last step in protecting a distinctive sign.

trademark monitoring

If rights applicable to use of trademarks in the market of interest are to be respected, monitoring is needed:

  • monitoring new registrations for prompt notification of the existence of new identical or similar trademarks or domain names for identical or similar products and/or services, which may cause confusion among consumers;
  • customs monitoring of trademarks to check incoming goods and identify any infringement;
  • monitoring trademarks mentioned in the media (press review), to be aware of reputation and use both in traditional (press, radio and TV) and online media;
  • monitoring competitor trademarks to discover how sector offering is proceeding and to plan strategies and actions.

We can offer owners of registered trademarks not only 24/7 monitoring but also prompt action to defend intellectual property rights in the event of violation.