Copyright advice

Copyright advice

Protection of copyright and artistic works


Advice on copyright and protection of artistic expressions

The realization of works of a creative or intellectual type – such as literature, music, visual arts, architecture, theatre, film, software – automatically generates intellectual property rights for the author. Unlike trademarks and patents, copyright does not require, in principle, any formal registration.

copyright advice

Nonetheless, it is possible to register certain types of works with the competent authorities (in Italy with the SIAE), as proof of having completed the opus at a given date.

In our role as consultants in all matters relating to intellectual property, we consider the following an integral part of our service:

  • copyright protection, in case of a dispute in which the rights of the holder are infringed by the actions of others;
  • drafting of contracts related to copyrights;
  • registering of works protected by copyright with the competent authorities.