Intellectual property advisory service

Protection of intellectual and industrial property

Intellectual property advisory service

Advice on intellectual property, advertising, privacy laws, copyright

The phases of Intellectual property advisory service

Protection of a company’s intellectual assets is an on-going commitment. Registering a trademark or filing a patent application may prove to be insufficient. To support and protect products and/or services, careful expert management, with timely and effective intervention, are also necessary.

We offer our clients a complete advice on intellectual property, which includes assistance in administrative, judicial (via consultant lawyers) and extrajudicial cases.

We assist the enterprise in case of active and passive opposition, cancellation actions, cease and desist orders. As technical advisors we act in cases concerning industrial property issues. We accompany the owner of the right in drafting of sales, licensing, distribution, and general contracts.

But there is more. Advertising creativity, information protected by privacy laws, copyright: there are many areas of business life that require the assistance of an expert. For any doubts and to act in confidence, we are there to advise.


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